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I Don't Believe In Meal Prep

Well, I might. In a sense. I'm tryna do this thing where I plan out my meals but not be too committed to it. 'Cause if it's one thing I'm terrible with, it's commitment. But, we won't get into that. My mind is that of a young, wild rodent of sorts. Constantly turning and changing and looking and smelling and... wait, what were we talking about again? Yes, I need somethin' new all the time. But, here's the challenge. I am lazy as heck. But, I'm tryin' here.

Let's Switch it Up from Time...Here's my plan:

GOAL: Reduce Carbs & Sugar.

GOAL: Stay motivated.

GOAL: Stay Consistent.

GOAL: Eat Well.

Shrimp Fried Rice

Chicken & Broccoli



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