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Time to work out…WAIT this Hurts!

Why oh why when we get older do these things happen? We worked so hard to lose weight in our 20s, 30s, 40s and everything we did up until now works! It is now when we are in our 50s do we realize. Wait this is not quite working out the way I had hoped!

When I was younger, I had it down pat! If I gained a few pounds here or there I knew what I needed to shake them off…before the next event! I threw out the carbs for a few and hit the gym a few more days than usual. It was all I needed. As I got older – my 30s for instance, I kept going with the same routing. while I never got back to that Janet Jackson figure I longed for since FOREVER, I was finally becoming comfortable in my own skin.

OH, and then the Pandemic! UGH…one cookie, two cookies, three cookies…the package! I developed munchies like crazy. I was eating ANYTHING as if it were an additional extracurricular activity necessary to pass. I gained weight…a lot of it…..more than expected…and then some.

I told myself…NO PROBLEM…I will just put my 30 yr. old routine back in order and I can just knock off this weight! Oh, silly girl! You are no longer in your 30s!! You CAN NOT do what you did at that age and you certainly know better. My body changed and I already know that I have to adapt.

Today I have to consider higher risks that can come to women in their 50s; risks of high blood pressure, diabetes, slow metabolism; hyperthyroidism, and the dreaded menopause to name a few….etc.

How do we manage weight loss now that we are older? What are we finding our selves doing differently to get the results we want?

When we are older we are experiencing not just additional physical conditions we are also facing mental challenges as well. We can be stressed over so many things. We are stressed over work; overworked; frustrated with our children; frustrated in general; faced with empty nesting anxiety; depressed with incoming situations; worried for the care of elders…I can go on!

These are conditions unbeknownst to us when we were younger. Let us face it…topple all these one on top of the other and the next level chronic issue is close to a heart attack or stroke. Sorry to bring this to surface, but this is real.

78% of adults over the age of 55 and older have at least one underlying condition to contend with while trying to battle weight loss. The weight does not just fall off as it did before primarily due to age and now with additional conditions it can be frustrating just to move a needle.

Prevention has been my favorite magazine these days, this and my AARP subscription have been my saving grace. I will tell you there are some pretty interesting tips that will help us overcome the anxiety of it all. More importantly we can assess how we can manage mental and physical conditions while working to become that best version of ourselves…which could be losing some weight.

If you are ready to still shed the pounds but need a new approach to address your adjusted body try this.

Walking and low impact exercise - No need to jump up and down like crazy. Walking is the science to getting the body in shape and improving circulation.

Find some Ladies! We don’t have to join a group exercise at a gym. Grab a few girlfriends and walk or work out together. There are even online walking communities that help as well if your friends are far. A few of us challenge each other with tracking our steps on FITBIT.

Find low impact movement. The joints…oh do they hurt…sometimes just standing still. Low impact exercising and strength training are best for women our age and it is just as effective. Osteoporosis has nothing on us. We are on our way to beat it!

Sleep. I have an internal clock…took me till this age to recognize that my body wakes up on its own at the same time every day. EVEN when I stay up late. With that said I do my best to manage that I am getting enough sleep. I try to do so around my internal clock. If I know my body will wake up at 7:30am regardless, I manage what time I need to go to bed so that I get at least 6-7 hours. For me I know this keeps me alert for the next day. Study your body and recognize what you need to function well and stick to it!

Meditation. Who would have thought that taking time to take deep breaths could contribute to weight loss? Well, we are not talking about weight loss per se. We are talking about being the best in our body. Mental health plays A HUGE part in wellness, particularly in our age. The mindset of grounding ourselves in consciousness just keeps us sane! We call can use that!

No more YO-YO Diets!

Your diet is not just about eliminating the “bad stuff.” The yo-yo diets are no longer for us lady. I would sooner play with a yoyo than expect this diet to do anything for more for me other than guarantee that I fail. Currently in our life, it is about what our body tells us it wants to ingest. AND YES depending on it can be a RICH CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE! All things are in moderation. There is no good or bad. There is what makes your heart and mind sing. What adds to your mind being less foggy and what keeps your heart pumping blood enthusiastically thru your body? ENJOY FOOD! Discover the food that makes your feel good and eat more of it.


Listen to it and grab a friend so you can all listen together. Do not compare yourself to Janet Jackson as I did. I do not even compare myself to my younger version. She is no longer here…this is a new version, and she demands a different type of attention!

See you on the exercise trail soon!

Leslie Crudup, Owner - LCrudup Coaching

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